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Sarmiento beach House

Experience a serene atmosphere and a promdi life in the province away from the busy life in the city. Guests will surely appreciate a quiet place which surrounded by coconut trees that helps regain the body energy. 
Sarmiento Beach House (SBH) provides villa which is perfect spot for reunion, family gathering, family outing and other occasion celebration. The cool breeze brought by the ocean and tropical surroundings can make you appreciate nature more.
SBH is about 300 meters walk away from the shoreline of Tondol, White Sand Beach and an outdoor pool is exclusive only for the guest.
We offers “paluto” to better experience the Filipino food and authentic Pangasinan menu. 
SBH offers 100 Islands tour, Bolinao tour, Island Hopping within Tondol. 
You may visit the Tanduyong Island, Cory Islands and the little boracay of the North. 
Attractions like the Hundred Islands and Bolinao are well-known for boasting exhilarating caves and beaches which is about 30-45mins travel.

You may also visit Sarmiento Beach House facebook page.

Amenities & Services

Cooking services 

 Swimming pool

Tour services

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